Muhafiz-Air  محافظ-ہوا

Introducing Muhafiz-Ai​​​​​​​​​​​​r, an intelligent, fully self contained and portable wireless sensor stick capable of monitoring air quality at your home, office, your favourite cafe, even in your car. Muhafiz-Air is packed with a diverse set of fully calibrated sensors and runs a state of the art signal processing algorithm paired with artificial intelligence to monitor air quality.

Muhafiz-Air is also equipped with a 95 dBA buzzer, making it a fully self contained air quality monitoring system. It generates audible warnings when air quality starts to deteriorate or become hazardous to ones health.


BLE Smart & mesh networking

Muhafiz-Air is based on Bluetooth Low Energy radio and is BLE 5.0 compatible.
Multiple Muhafiz-Airs can create a self organizing mesh network, allowing monitoring of an entire house, office building, a large warehouse, a restaurant, a workshop, hospital and even schools. No gateways, hubs or wireless relays are needed in this case, making deployment of Muhafiz-Air a breeze.
Our homes exhibit different concentrations of gases depending upon the room usage. Muhafiz-Air is ready to be deployed as a self organizing sensor network, enabling you to keep an eye on each and every corner of your home.

iOS App

Muhafiz-Air comes with an iOS app, which allows:
  • Claiming/ owning Muhafiz-Air sticks
  • Real time monitoring of all Muhafiz-Air sticks in your home/ venue.
  • Getting notifications of abnormal conditions
  • Detailed and real time air quality analysis of individual Muhafiz-Air sticks,
  • Enabling/ disabling Muhafiz-Air sticks and configuring/ personalizing their onboard buzzers.
  • Performing Over The Air (OTA) FirmWare (FW) updates

Muhafiz-Link (Cloud)

Muhafiz-Link allows you to get notifications from your sensors anywhere with internet access and provides you with useful information including:
  • Global air quality distribution
  • Your air quality ratings

Powered from USB-A port

Muhafiz-Air can be connected to any USB-A port. These ports are available on almost every household electronics item e.g. TVs, PCs, gaming consoles, digital TV boxes, cars

Muhafiz-Air also comes with a USB-A to North American power adaptor, allowing for connection to wall sockets.

Makes decisions for you

Muhafiz-Air performs 24 hours of air quality analysis on-board, which can be visualized, referred to and archived.
Instead of presenting raw numbers, Muhafiz-Air uses Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) to provide users with easy to understand Air Quality Index (AQI) categorized as Very Good, Good, Bad and Very Bad. 
Leave the decision making to Muhafiz-Air.

Fully certified

Muhafiz-Air is a fully certified BLE radio, which assures that the radiated power does not exceed regulatory thresholds. This allows for deployment of Muhafiz-Air in North American, European and Japanese houses, public places, restaurants, even hospitals that have very strict RF regulations.