Perfection Is In The Small Details
Bringing the most out of limited resources requires extreme dedication and intricate knowledge of the system being developed. Precision Sense products excel where precision matters because nothing gets overlooked by us. 
Muhammad Haris Afzal, Ph.D.
  1. BuzzEye-LITE
    Smartest home security system with face recognition and voice recognition features. 90 dBA alarm to deter any foe and alert you of a break-in. IP67 rated enclosure allows for both indoor and outdoor use in any weather condition.
  2. Navstein-Attitude
    Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) is one of the most critical systems for any UAV and drone category. Navstein-Attitude provides highly accurate roll, pitch and heading estimates at 5 KHz update rate surpassing all available AHRS modules in its class. Navstein-Attitude works in all sorts of environments however perturbed they are, providing highly accurate attitude estimates for UAV and drone control.
  3. Navstein-NAVChip
    State of the art Inertial Navigation System (INS) on a single chip with 10 KHz update rate. Reconfigurable Kalman filter allows for integrating with GNSS receivers, Air Data Systems (ADS) and other sensors for Coordinate UPdaTe (CUPT) as well as sensor error estimation. Configurable I2C bus interface allows for integrating with Accelerometers, Gyroscopes and Magnetometers. Control your next UAV/ drone with 10 KHz update rate for applications requiring very high dynamics.
  4. Navstein-HawkEye
    Situational awareness anywhere, anytime. HawkEye answers the challenges faced in Intelligence, Security and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions and Search and Rescue operations. HawkEye is a micro-wing based fully autonomous micro-drone capable of staying airborne for up to an hour with a range of 5 km. It is equipped with two cameras capable of scanning both visible and IR spectrums. HawkEye provides highly accurate position information of all objects of interest to its user while performing all navigation and control tasks autonomously.